Sustain Our Mission!

Join the Voyage and help support our school.

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Join the Voyage and help support our school.

Will you help us to keep growing?

Our mission is to foster the natural joy of learning within people while empowering members of the school community to develop personal responsibility and the confidence to create the lives they want for themselves as global citizens. Please give a one-time, monthly, or annual amount that is comfortable for you. All proceeds benefit our students!

Voyagers’ Community School is a place…

  • where a child can grow and learn as a whole person.
  • where children can develop thinking and working attitudes that empower them to take over their own growth.
  • that honors and encourages children’s vision, tenacity, initiative, imagination, generosity, and exploration.
  • that is defined by the bounding level of excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity, inquisitiveness, and individual and community satisfaction.
  • that invokes vibrancy and trust among children and adults alike.
  • where children can find their voice and participate in a democratic community.
  • where learning is defined by no one and by everyone.
  • In our school, there is joy, passion, kindness, liveliness, acceptance, and inclusion as we learn. All members work to participate with intellectual and social awareness. Knowledge is power; all children deserve the best possible opportunity to learn and feel confident and smart.